Bruce, Love



It was completely dark, and I was naked.  I remember holding my shirt as though I was just about to slip it over my  head.  There was a bench next to me, and I got the impression that there were lockers very close by, but I could barely see them through the darkness.  I heard a door open.  I turned around.  There are no doors to the showers in the gym that I go to, but in my dream I think there were.  He was standing there, naked, holding a towel in one hand.  And then I don’t remember the towel.  His eyes were riveted on me, and I was frozen.  There was no one else in the locker room or the gym or anywhere, and we were so alone, the three of us; him, me, and my tremendous frightened lust for him.

He strode toward me and I felt like a mouse being approached by a tiger.  I remember thinking, “Oh please don’t hurt me” and then I was puzzled by the look on his face.  He wasn’t angry. He was intimidating as hell but he wasn’t threatening.  He stood right in front of me and I felt I needed to say something.

Of course I knew who he was.  Everybody did.  Half the gym came to a standstill when he walked in and everybody suddenly felt they needed to take a shower too when he was through with his workout.  He’s why I joined that gym, although he’s hardly ever there.  I still have the full page cologne ad I first saw him in on my bedroom wall, even though it’s just a long shot.  Just a long shot?  I and several thousand others probably saw that stylized advertisement and thought, “Oh my GOD, who is that?”  I called the agency the next day and asked who he was and then I saw a closeup of his face.  Oh my god.  And now, with him standing naked in front of me, I pretended I wasn’t sure who he was.

“Are you--?”

He nodded.  The look in his eyes was so surprising.  It was one of...longing.  Desperate, uncontrollable longing that he seemed incapable of fighting anymore.  He reached forward and took my shirt in his hand.  I let go of it.   He watched it fall to the floor.  We were completely alone now.  The bench, the lockers, my clothes, everything had disappeared.  His gaze rose from the floor to my eyes.  I stopped breathing for at least five seconds.  His eyes were like jewels.  Pale aquamarines.  Beautiful.  He still held his hand in the air where he had dropped my shirt, and then it rose and caressed the back of my neck.  His hand was so huge, and so warm, and so rough.  His eyes pleaded with me.  He didn’t seem to want to ask.  I didn’t seem to want to admit to myself what he was begging silently for.  For just a moment, I felt a sense of mastery.  I looked away from his eyes and looked at his mouth, which was barely open.  I stepped forward and watched his face for disapproval.  There was nothing but a sense of expectation and pent up lust emanating from him.

David046bI was dizzy with amazement.  I looked down at his waist and I slipped my right hand around it and rested it on his butt.  Oh my god it was so high, so round, so silky.  He stepped forward and closed his eyes.  I stood on my tiptoes, again amazed at the new sensation.  Usually guys stand on their toes to kiss me and here I was forced to do it and crane my neck, and still he had to bend at the knees just a bit.

I threw all abandon to the wind, and placed my other hand on his right pec.  I let out a breathy moan.  How long, how many days and weeks and months had I fantasized about this?  Touching those big...hairy...perfect pecs.  And I leaned forward and rested my weight against him, chest to chest, cock to cock.  He smelled so good.  Even though he was out of the shower, he was dry, and smelled of fresh soap.

I looked up into his eyes and thought that I could die now but still be happy.

His lips were parted.

He closed his eyes.

I opened my mouth more.

I closed my eyes and reached as high as I could with my face.

His kiss was so soft and gentle.  I let out a little “Mm!!!!” because my mind was racing.  That face kissing me, that chest in my left hand.  That ass in my right.

My nipples were hard.  My cock was stiffening.  I knew he would eventually touch me, but right now he just stood there, bending just the tiniest bit, and I was glad he wasn’t touching me because my hands wanted to explore his body.  I wanted both hands on his ass.  I wanted to spend a long, long time petting and caressing his chest until his skin crawled and he begged out loud for something more or exploded into a ravenous sex beast.  I wanted to clutch his arms and feel his biceps coil and roll like living cannonballs.

He licked at my lips.  In shock, I gasped, and he took advantage of my open mouth and swept the tip of his tongue across my upper teeth and then my lower, my lips enflamed as they were stimulated from underneath.  I let out another little moan, and then he did too...a desperate, helpless, animal sound, and he grabbed my arms and his tongue invaded my mouth.

David046cI think I remember him bending down, shoving his shoulder into my gut, and then lifting me, draping me over his shoulder in a perfect fireman’s carry with one arm around my thighs and the other hand clamped around my wrist.  I was helpless.  He was in control.  For some reason, I wanted to be able to stop him.  But I couldn’t.  I don’t remember being put on the bed.  It was all a blur of shivering and trembling and gasping and moaning and crying out as this young god stimulated me.  I tried to stimulate him, but he would have no part of it.  My ecstasy seemed to be what he desperately hungered for.  The next clear thought I had was his mouth on my loins, my cock hard, arcing, engorged.  He held my wrists at my sides.  My brain screamed in anticipation.  I gasped, couldn’t breathe.  His mouth slid so very slowly up and down my cock and his tongue was doing something, but I don’t know what.  I tried to pull away.  He still held me down.  I remember the wet sounds...the juicy slurping, the sucking, the moaning as though he was starving and desperate and tasting something so delicious.  It was the wettest, sloppiest, slowest, longest blowjob I’ve ever had.

“Wait!”  I whispered.  “I...I...d-don’t wha....wwwwant to c-cum yet!”  I kicked at him.  I don’t know what part I connected with.  I couldn’t tell what position I was in except that I was on my back and that his thick, soft, black hair was pumping back and forth at my waist.  I tried to push him away but it was ridiculous.  It was like trying to push away a truck.  “Oh!  D-...David!”  I was being delicately, carefully, gently ravaged by an awesomely beautiful, towering, handsome insatiable beast.

He took his mouth from my cock at the final moment.  My erection slapped against my belly wetly.

“Don’t worry,” he growled.  “It’s not the only time you’re going to cum tonight.”

And then I screamed, I bucked, I kicked, I gasped over and over again as jets of cum erupted over my belly, chest, and face.