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David047aI don’t know whether I just stopped dreaming for awhile or whether I dreamt that I was asleep.  What woke me up in the dream though was the feeling that I was in a strange position.  The front of my body was warm but my back was cool.  I opened my eyes, lifted my head, and found myself in a sitting position with my body against his.  He was standing and holding me under my thighs.  My pillow had been his hairy chest.  How long he had held me up in that position I couldn’t tell but in my mind I wondered how he could not be tired.  I looked at him, thinking my question.  He looked back at me… hungry, waiting, insistent, and that’s when I realized that I was nearly trapped.  Only violent actions on my part would make him let go of me.

I looked up at him, panting, terrified and amazed that he could hold me up off the ground so effortlessly, but then I realized that I couldn't fathom what it was like to have arms that were the size of a small man’s waist.  I looked down at his right bicep.  The sight drove me crazy.  I swear my mouth  suddenly tingled, as though some primitive part of me lusted, needed to kiss, lick, tongue-bath those massive arms.  It was the only thing that would stop the craving in my tongue and lips. I clutched at them.  I gripped them, and I moaned.   Flexed with the effort of holding me up, they were iron spheres wrapped in warm, creamy skin.

And then I looked at that chest, inches from my face, and my mouth began to water.  The thought that I had rested my head against it while I slept made my mind spin.  I moaned again.  I wanted to make him moan.  I leaned back just a bit to see if I could see his nipples and just that thought made my mouth crave any part of him.  I needed to have his rock-jawed face, or his hairy chest, or his shoulders in my mouth, on my tongue, rubbing against my lips.

And as I leaned back, my butthole tingled warmly and his intent dawned on me.  His straining, waiting erection was poised at my quivering hole.  It pressed against it, teasingly.

“Oh no!”  I yelled.  I looked up at his pale blue eyes.  “No!”

David047bAnd  he began to lower me onto it.  His cock was slippery with pre-cum, hours of cock drool. It was already nestled between my butt cheeks.  It was too late to clench my buttocks together to keep it away.  And I was helpless, sinking lower and lower onto it.

“No!”  I pleaded again.  “I can’t!  You’re too b—“

“Shhhhhh,” he said lovingly, soothingly.

I knew I could stop him if I really wanted to, but I desperately wanted to feel him inside me.  I was just so scared.  And so I squeezed my eyes shut as the head of his cock popped in.  From there, it was a slow, controlled descent down his massive shaft.  My prostate twitched.  My eyes went wide.  My ass lips shrieked in pleasure and ecstasy.  My balls tingled and contracted.  My nipples stroked his chest hair. My cock, slick with my own pre-cum and spent sperm, sprang up between us, caught between his washboard abs and my belly.

“Do you want me to stop?”  he asked.

“No!”  I screamed.  “Oh...oh...G-God!   No!”

David047cThen his huge arms lifted me up eleven inches of his twelve inch sex meat.  I thought he was going to lift me off and throw me away.  I was just about to beg him not to when he lowered me again, slowly, slickly.  My ass lips were on fire.  My cock was being milked between our bodies.  His huge, muscular, hairy chest was a banquet before my eyes and mouth.  His giant biceps rolled and flexed beneath my hands.

I buried my face in his chest and rubbed my face up and down, back and forth.  I pounded on his pecs with my fists.  “Oh god!”  I gasped.  “It feels...so good!  D-Don’t stop.  Oh please don’t stop!”