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David685Sean Scott's latest muscle book is now available! Mediterranean Muscle is a tale of muscle lust and subversive intrigue. Aboard a luxury yacht, the Manhattan, four filthy-rich men are spending a long weekend with their guest of honor, Kellan (DAVID). After they depart Athens on the Manhattan and finally get to lay their eyes (and some other body parts) on Kellan, the billionaires are besides themselves with lust. Over the three-day-weekend, they'll each get a chance to get to know Kellan more intimately. The weekend is supposed to climax with a muscle-strength challenge for Kellan, a challenge that will likely test his strength to its very limit.

Don't miss the exclusive images I made of David in his role as Kellan, the stupefyingly entrancing muscle god. You can buy the e-book at Amazon.com BUT YOU DON'T NEED A KINDLE TO READ IT. You can download their free app instead. Read all about it on Sean's website here: [LINK TO FOLLOW]