Taunting, Shirt, Eyes, Modesty, Final





This is the final image of David that ManOfSteel posted. I often wonder, when looking at this render, how many other pictures of David were left on MOS' computer when he passed. Having personally seen MOS' computer, where he showed me how he makes David, I have reason to believe MOS had many more renders that he never published. I saw quite a few examples of David "in progress" that evening when I visited his home south of San Francisco in February of 2019.

I want to suspect that when he posted David 707, MOS had no idea it would be his last. His health was deteriorating, yes, but did he know how short his time was? I suspect that if he knew he was posting his last David render, he might have made it more grandiose. Perhaps not. Actually, this sultry (contemplative?), serious pose might have indeed been MOS' intent for his last render.

Regardless, I do think it's fitting that David's final pose is one of modesty (if not a parody of modesty—coupled with his uber-masculine no-nonsense gaze). That character quality of David's—modesty, shy coyness, with a sly wink—was one of David's most compelling traits, in my opinion. It made him so sexy, so likable.

I have more comments about the life and development of David, and MOS (whose real name was in fact David) in a commentary HERE.


— Sean Reid Scott, Portland, June, 2021