Chest Feel, Water, Emperor, John Pruitt, Matt Cromwell



David671This was inspired by a pic that Sean Scott sent to me. He sent a picture of Colt model John Pruitt. It's hard to believe but that image must be almost 40 years old. I'd seen a few ads for Colt Studio photosets in magazines but it was not prudent at the time for me to actually order any. I was not even 20 years old at the time. Then one day a friend invited me to go to a used magazine store he'd discovered in San Francisco. He was searching for an old science fiction magazine. As soon as we walked into the store my eyes were riveted to a big poster of Colt model Matt Cromwell high up on the far wall of the store. Just big as life. And that's when I relaized that the entire back half of the store was filled with old issues of porn.

I returned the next day by myself and asked the man behind the counter how much the poster of Matt Cromwell was. He told me and then asked if I'd seen their Colt photosets. They had binders and binders of them behind the counter. You could peruse through them at your leisure and buy them individually. I had discovered the motherlode! And so the first Colt photo I ever bought was of John Pruitt. He was beautiful.

Thanks Sean!