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David628Okay, this is definitely going to date me. This image is inspired by a portion of a porn video I copied in 1985. Yep, thirty years ago. It freaks me out when people refer to images or videos from the '80s as vintage. To me, vintage refers to the 1950s or the 1960s and I have to remind myself that a lot of the people here weren't even alive then. Anyway, in this segment, late one hot and steamy night, a voyeur stumbles across a muscular guy on a stool, who is incredibly skilled at wiggling his butt in super slow motion. What follows is the voyeur extending his tongue and descending in a crazed frenzy when the mountain of muscle teases him to within an inch of his sanity and then finally comes over to the window.

You can watch it HERE. ...and the part I'm referring to starts at about 0:40:00.