Erect, Chest Feel, Greco-Roman, Gold, Emperor



David618I was going to write a story but I just wasn't up to it. Maybe someone else would like to?

Anyway, in my mind, the emperor has summoned the new champion gladiator on the pretense that he wishes to bestow a gift. But the wine that handsome young gladiator was given was spiked with a strange potion that sends the subject into a paralytic stupor. From there the emperor indulges in his own twisted pleasure in exploring every inch of the gladiator's god-like body, teasing and stimulating him for hours but never touching his cock. The young man weakly thrusts his hips but the emperor only sucks on the head of the throbbing cock. The muscular young man desperately lifts his mighty arms and reaches for his cock, but the emperor bats his hands away, laughing, and warning him that if he continues to try to touch himself, he'll have to be restrained.