Bruce, Love, Sex, Romance, Lying





Someday, lovers, never to part.



[The following was my "comment" on the Renderotica page for this render... a quick little picture of what might be happening.  —Sean Scott]


I think they've been busy with their romantic encounter. And all of a sudden they hear the front door to the house open. They both turn their heads to hear better.

"Did you lock the door?" Bruce asks.

"I THINK I did," David answers.

"But are you sure?"

"I THINK I'm sure."

"Absolutely sure?" Bruce probes.

"No, not absolutely," David admits.

"Then, what should we do?"

All of a sudden, they hear footfall approaching. Then, a voice: "David, are you here? It's your mother. Are you home?"

"Fudge," David sighs. "She always shows up at the most inopportune moments."

"So what do we do?" Bruce asks.

"Nothing. Mamma will be fine. She's learned to live with my proclivities," David says. "Just act normal."


"David. THERE you are," Mamma says.

"Uh... Hi, mom."

Mother demurs. "Oh, I'm sorry son. I didn't realize you had company." She turns toward the kitchen, then cocks her head back to the couple on the sofa. "I'll just make some tea for all of us," she says. "Let me know when you're... uh... thirsty."

"Thanks, mom," David smiles. "You're the best."