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We finally reached the top of the cliff.  I was so grateful for the spray of the waterfall and the fact that he had insisted that I only wear shorts and sandals, yet it was still so hot.  I was huffing and puffing and I leaned against a big boulder to catch my breath, but the scene around me made me hold my breath for a moment.

David778We were high above the hotel.  To my left and below me, I could see the whole hotel complex, the beach, and Lanai on the horizon in the distance, but to my right I saw paradise.  Unbeknownst to anyone below, the top of the waterfall was a vast, shallow pool.  Orchids and bromeliads and bougainvillea grew everywhere and huge boulders the size of cement trucks looked like they had been thrown haphazardly so that they lay piled or tilted or leaning against each other.  Somewhere in the distance, I could hear a smaller waterfall.  There was hardly any dry ground anywhere.  I was standing ankle deep in clear, cool water.

“Okay,” he said.  “Off with the shorts.”

I smiled, shy and embarrassed.  “But—”

“No one can see us,” he said.  “No one can even get here unless they can move that big boulder I put on the ledge.”

“But,” I began, “is there anybody up here?”

“Just us,” he said, smiling.  He put his hands on his hips.  “Am I gonna have to tear those shorts off you?  Because I will.”

I grinned and I felt a thrill at the thought of him doing it.  I felt a thrill of naughtiness as I unbuttoned my shorts and slid them off carefully.  I lifted one leg and pulled my wet foot through and then changed my balance to the other foot and hand and took them off completely.  I folded them and looked up at him.

He had already slipped out of his speedos and I was disappointed that I had not watched the whole process.  Watching David undress is mesmerizing, even if he’s just taking off his socks. He handed his speedos to me and said, “Okay, put them on the rock.  And these too please.”

I turned, draped my shorts on the top of the boulder, and then, with my back to him, I brought the speedos up to my face and stroked my cheek with the front.  Oh god…to be a pair of speedos on David.

“And the underwear,” he said.

I put the speedos on the rock and then started to carefully take my briefs off.

“Don’t worry if they get wet,” he said as I tried to pull them off without letting them touch the water.

“I don’t want to wear wet briefs on the way down,” I said.

“Oh you won’t.  They’ll dry real nice on that rock.”

I slipped them off and tossed them on the rock.

“Okay,” he said grinning.  “Come with me.”

I felt dizzy.  Maybe it was the exertion of the climb.  Maybe it was trying to get used to sloshing through the pool of water with my sandals on.  Maybe it was the unfamiliar feeling of air and warmth on my loins.  Or maybe it was the sight of David’s butt in front of me.  He looked so at ease being naked.  A thrill went through me.  He would have to turn around, and then I could see that wonder of manhood between his legs.  I knew I would stare, and he couldn’t blame me if I did.

We bent down and went between two massive boulders leaning against each other, and then we wandered through a maze of pools and towering boulders.  Lush greenery hung in curtains between all of them, and the air was thick with the perfume of plumeria blossoms.  Finally, we passed through another natural arch and found ourselves amid a cluster of thirty foot high boulders.  There was perhaps twelve feet of dry ground here, the tiniest tropical beach surrounded by smooth, wet, mossy boulders.  There was a little waterfall cascading in the distance, and in a tiny cave at the base of one of the boulders, I saw a small crate with a checkered tablecloth and a group of unlit candles.

“What is this place?”  I asked.

He turned to me and smiled, and then he came up to me and put his hands on my shoulders.  He beamed.  He seemed so proud of himself.  He caressed my arms, and he looked at my upper body as if it was something amazing.  “This is where we’re going to sleep tonight.”


He nodded, smiling.  “There’s a big air mattress in there we can pump up, and I brought some satin sheets, and lots of pillows, and—”

“What?”  I asked, amazed.

“Oh!  And the best part!”  He turned and waded over to a deeper end of the pool.  He squatted down and reached deep into a crevice in the rock.  His arm went down into the water all the way up to his biceps and then he hauled out a huge bottle of champagne.

I was flabbergasted.

“Well-chilled, doncha know,” he said, and he winked at me.  But he wasn’t done yet.  He reached in again and pulled out a bottle of wine.  “And if you don’t want champagne…we have Chateuaneuf-de-Pape, 2001.  Your present favorite.”

“Oh my god!”

“And here’s another one I thought you’d like…Chateau Margaux, 2000.  Robust, muscular, yet classy.”

“Is that you, or the wine?”

He grinned at me, stood up, took a few steps sideways and then knelt on the smooth, rock floor of the pool.  He reached far down into the crevice and this time the water came all the way up to his shoulder.  His rump was pointing right at me.  My body wanted to leap at him and grab those creamy globes.  I had to look away.  It would have driven me mad if I’d kept on looking.  Finally, he straightened up and pulled an ice chest from the water.  He turned, stood, and brought it over to the little beach in front of the tiny cave.  “Et voila!” he said.

“Oh my g—I can’t believe this!”

“Lunch, dinner, supper, and tomorrow’s breakfast.”

“How did you get all this up here?”

“Only took two trips.”

“You hauled that ice chest up here?”

“What’s the matter?  Don’t I look like I could haul an ice chest of food on my back?”

“You could probably do a refrigerator!”  I was teasing him now.  “There’s no place to plug in your blender.  How’re you going to do your protein shake Mr. I-thought-of-everything?”

“There’s a collapsible shaker bottle over there in the box.”

I laughed.  “You goof!”

“I hope you like lobster salad.”

My eyes went wide.  My mouth dropped open.

“And uh…cold fried chicken.”  He walked over to me.  His voice became quieter. He looked deep into my eyes and recited menu items like they were unspeakable things he was going to do to my body.  “Cream cheese dip with leeks and a those sweet Vidalia onions.”

My laughter stopped.  I realized again that I was naked, and small…in every way.  And that he was huge…and approaching me.

“Chopped real fine.”

I shuddered, not at what he said, but the hungry look on his face as he said it.  My mouth began to water.  I wanted something in it.

“Some… grapes.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  “Dip?”

He nodded.  He was standing right in front of me now.  He looked deep into my eyes.

I looked up.  Deep into his.  “No…chips?”

“They’re in the crate, with the rest of the dry food.”

I was utterly amazed.

He put his hands on my shoulders again.  His big paws went up and down my upper arms, around my neck, and across my upper chest.  I got goosebumps all over me.

“Strawberries and whipped cream for dessert.”

I didn’t know what to say.

“And a lot more,” he murmured, almost threateningly.  “A lot more.  There’s a full moon tonight,” he said.  “Between that and the candles, we should be able to have enough light to, uh…” he looked up and down my body, “…find our way around.”

“Moonlight and candles?”  I asked.

“Uh huh.  And uh, we’re far enough away from the hotel so their lights won’t bother us.  I don’t think it’ll get cloudy, so we should be able to see the moon really well.  Practically nothing but horizon around us.  ‘Course…can’t see much sky from here with these boulders, but we can climb up on one of them…if we’re not busy.”

I looked up into his blue, blue eyes, my mouth open, and my eyes wide.  “What…what would we be busy doing?”  I whispered.

His breathing was getting heavy.  He looked right at me but I could tell his mind and his cock were envisioning something else.  Those blue eyes burned right into my soul.  “I’ve been waitin’, Bruce,” he said quietly.  “I want it to be here.  I want it to be special, unlike anything anybody else could do.  If you’d…let me.  I want to make love to you.  I want to touch you.  I want to give you pleasure and make you cry with pleasure.  I want to feel you lose control and hang on tight to me and know that you’re safe…cuz….”  He shrugged.  He looked away from me.  “I…I like you.  A lot.”

My cock started to swell, but not as much as my heart.

“And uh… we seem to have a fine time when we’re together and… I think you’re real attractive….”  He didn’t seem so much a tiger now, as much as a bold little kitten.


“Aw, now don’t you go start doin’ that comparison thing that people always do when I try to pay somebody a compliment.”

I smiled.

“It’s extremely, extremely irritating.”

I laughed.

“What are you laughing at?”

“Your accent!  You’re switching back and forth!”

His face turned red, but he was smiling.  “I’m rather nervous, and when—”

I laughed harder.

“Well now why don’t y’all just go on and pick one!”

I laughed even harder.

He was grinning in spite of himself.  “Go on now!  Which one?  Dallas or London?”

I couldn’t stop laughing.

“Well I know how to shut you up,” and in one swift motion he turned me sideways, put his arms around me, bent me backwards, and kissed me passionately.  All I remember was the rush of the waterfall and the rush of my own blood and the smell of the orchids and the faintest smell of cologne on his chest and the warm air on my skin and his huge hands on my body and the water at my feet and the moist, knowing, rapture of his lips and his tongue.

The sun was setting, but it was still hot.  We’d played in the water.  We’d kissed under the waterfall.  As he unpacked, I made him a lei out of sugar-white dendrobiums and he wore it while we ate lunch.  He looked like a god.  Later, we went back to the little waterfall.  He lifted me up and sat me on a rock and looked into my eyes.  He was still hungry, but not for food.  I scooted down a few inches and spread my legs wider.

“Oh Bruce.”

He stepped closer, embraced me, and flooded my face and neck with hot kisses.  I felt the tip of his cock play between my ass cheeks.

“Yes,” I whispered tremulously, and I kissed him back.  “Yes,” I said again, urgently, longingly.

He pushed gently, allowing me time to relax.

“Go slow,” I whispered, but it was me who was hurrying.

“I will,” he whispered.

My cock reared up between us.  I tilted my hips and my ass lips spread wide and the head of his cock invaded me.

“All right?” he asked tenderly.

“Yes!”  I started rocking my hips but I couldn’t move.  All my weight was on my butt.  “Fuck me.  David, fuck me.  I’ve wanted—I’ve dreamt—oh god fuck me with it.  Oh god, fuck me.”

He began to rock his hips so slowly, so carefully.  I screamed in pleasure.  He bent forward and put his hands out and leaned on the rock in back of me.  I threw my arms around his bull neck, pulled him closer and let my tongue and mouth play with abandon all over his hairy chest and his beautiful face.

“Are you gonna cum for me?” he whispered.

“YES!”  I screamed.

“All day and all night,” he whispered as he rocked his hips.  “Oh god Bruce…you drive me crazy.  God DAMN you feel good!  I’m gonna do this to you all day and all night.”

I sobbed in ecstasy.  He tensed his abs and bent forward.  My cock was being rubbed by those washboard abs.  It felt amazing.

“Oh my god!”  I yelled.

“All for you,” he said.  “All for you.  Just hang on tight to me when you cum.  It’s what I’ve always dreamed about.”

I whimpered.  I moaned.  I screamed.  I yelled.  I tensed.  I hung on tight.