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[Note from the site webmaster: This was the first image that ManOfSteel ever did in response to ME! I gotta tell you, I was blown away! I totally couldn't believe the MAN himself had responded to something I wrote... let alone noticed me in the first place! Little did I know this was the beginning of a long-time friendship. The story that I wrote ("David & Goliath") that MOS references, is available at the link at the end of MOS' words below. —Sean Reid Scott]



It's funny how sometimes I just have to wait until the mood strikes and then I'm suddenly compelled to bring an image to life. This image was inspired by the beginning of what promises to be a very hot story written for the David Fan Club by Heartman ["Heartman" is a pseudonym I used back in the day. (SrS)], who is also a member here at Renderotica.



David is hired by a billionaire tycoon for an advertising photo shoot, but things may not be as simple as they seem. In the first installment, the rich man literally can't keep his hands off David, and his assistant assigns himself the noble task of keeping David company for the evening. Back in David's hotel suite, David invites the assistant to try out the luxurious bath and one thing leads to another.


Read the first chapter: http://musclestimulus.com/index.php/free-stories/206-david-goliath-1  [Newer link]


And finally, Happy New Year to all!



Posted 2007-1231