Brad, Blow Job, Locker Room, Wrestling




David231His breathing got faster and faster, louder and louder, more desperate with each breath. I felt his buttocks clench. He said, “Ohhhhh g-gOD!!” And in the split second that he was paralyzed, I pulled back. His huge, rigid fuck pole came out of my throat and I was relieved at last of the solidity and straightness caught in my soft, curved throat. I pulled back until I felt the huge head of his cock pop wetly from my throat and fill my mouth. He bucked his hips forward clumsily. He wanted to pump his load down my throat, but I wanted to know it, to taste it, to feel it. I wanted to be master of it. I wanted to take it as I wanted, and I was not disappointed.

The first jet blasted onto the back of my throat and I instinctively pushed my tongue forward so that his hot cum filled my mouth. I got ready to swallow, but the second blast, stronger than the first, flooded my mouth. It took two gulps to take his load, but in that time he squirted again, and again, and again. My mouth was filling faster than I could swallow, and then one of those blasts triggered a gag and I coughed and cum drenched my chin and splattered on the carpet.

He yelled, “GOD DAMN!!!”, fell forward, and grabbed my shoulders to keep himself upright. With every blast of his thick juice, his buttocks clenched and his hips tightened.

And during all this, he was in control. He jabbed my mouth and grunted. He was enjoying himself, of course, and I hated it. I wanted to see a look of desperation on his face. I wanted to see him crumble in ecstasy. I wanted my mouth or my hands or my cock to subdue him, to make him a slave, to give him an orgasm so unprecedented, so powerful, so frighteningly addicting, that he’d be my slave forever. I wanted to give him something he’d beg for later. I wanted to bring him to his knees.

And so, I kept sucking.

“Oh baby,” he said as his orgasm waned. He tried to pull out, but I reached around and grabbed those glorious, muscular globes that were his butt and shoved him forward. He moaned. He said my name. I pulled back and looked up at him gasping for breath.

“Again,” I stammered. “Lemme do it again.”

He looked at me like I was a maniac, but he didn’t pull away.

“You wanted it deep,” I said. “I did it.”

He smiled. Breathing hard, he said: “No you didn’t. Not all the way. Almost, but not all the way.”

“Aw, come on.”

“I was hopin’…to the root. All the way. God that feels so good.”

“I can do it.”

He laughed, breathless. “Yeah, right. Nobody’s ever been able….”

I took him into my mouth. I clutched his butt , spread his ass cheeks, and then caressed them. I shoved the head of his slick sex meat down my throat and pulled myself closer and closer to him.

“Oh. Oh Brad!”

I pulled out. Slowly. For air. And the act made him double over.


I shoved him inside me again, ramming his hips into my face and relaxing my throat, letting the pressure I applied to his glutes guide his pulsing pole down my throat.

“Oh B-Brad! I…I think…I think I’m gonna…cum again!” He sounded shocked. He sounded so different. And I was almost there, and inch more to go, but I needed air. I pulled out, and as he slid out of my throat, past my tongue, past the pull of my wet lips, he whimpered. A hyper-sensitive post-orgasmic cock is a wonderful thing to torture someone with, and I had the biggest, most helpless specimen of manhood throbbing on my lips.

“You thought you were the king of the hill, didn’t you?” I asked, looking up at him. “You thought I would be the one begging.”

“Oh Brad! I’m beggin’ you! Please. I never had anyone deep throat me like that. Ever. I just dreamed about fucking some stud’s head and feelin’ that warmth and that wetness all the way to the root.”

“What do I get if I go all the way to the root?”

“Brad,” he said, pressing the head of his cock on my lips, “you get the prize”.

“The prize? What’s the prize?”

“What do you want?” He asked, breathless, applying more pressure to my lips.

“I want to fuck your ass! I want to ream you out. I want to pound you into the ground! I want to hear you grunt every time I thrust. I want to fuck you. I want to FUCK you!”

“Take it baby,” he said. “All the way to the root, and I’ll give you the prize.”