Brad, Blow Job, Locker Room



David223I knelt between his thighs. What a rush…to have those legs spread around me, that chest right in front of me, and that huge, throbbing horse cock rearing up in front of me. I licked my lips, and then I leaned forward and ran my tongue up and down his shaft. You know what one of the biggest turn-ons was? The feel of it in my hands. I could barely get my fingers around it. It was arcing proudly, so it didn’t need anything to hold it up, but just by holding it, I just slavered at the sight of it and the weight of it.

I wet it real good. God damn but he tasted good! He didn’t exactly have a taste, but the feel of that huge fucking piece of warm meat in my mouth made my breath quicken and my mouth water something fierce. I held that pole with one hand while I licked the underside with the wettest, broadest strokes from my tongue. He had a powerful, pronounced ridge along the underside of his staff, and he loved my lips and my tongue gliding wetly up and down. I was trying to be patient, taking my time to flick my tongue around the crown, underneath the head, up and down the underside of the staff…anything to wet that huge fuck pole more. He let his head fall back a couple of times, but he might as well have been resting. There weren’t the moans of ecstasy that I thought I was gonna get. The fucker was so in control. I found myself working harder and harder, tracing up and down the staff with just the end of my tongue, then using the tip of my tongue to rub underneath the edges of the crown. I licked his balls. I dug my face deep besides his nuts and bathed the back of his balls. I nibbled on the swollen head of his cock. He just smiled at me.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I was trying to show some self control. I rubbed my tongue up and down his meat, moaning at the feel of the ridges and veins, thinking what they would do to my quivering ass lips if he’d fuck me, which I was about ready to beg for. All that made me crazy, and I finally dove onto his cock, stuffing the huge head into my mouth. I felt him jerk. I wrapped my lips around it like my life depended on it, and I swirled my tongue around and around and around.

That got the fucker.

He lifted his feet off the ground and gasped. I took a deep breath and went down on him until I felt the head, swollen and tight and hot and smooth, hit the back of my throat. I slowly pulled him out of me, and that long, wet pull got a long moan out of him. I swallowed him again, and then pulled him out slowly. It was the outward glide that got him. I did it over and over again, every time slower than the last, and I felt him buck and squirm, and once he put his hands on my shoulders…maybe for support, or maybe it was a feeble try at pushing me away.

His cock was a hot, foot-long, throbbing piece of stiff, hard, smooth meat. I’d never seen a cock so big in all my life. It was pure manhood…in-your-face masculinity…no room for improvement. It would have been kind of ludicrous if it weren’t for the fact that it was so perfect, so perfectly over the top, and so proper I guess for the man who carried it between his crushing, tree trunk thighs.

Now he was moaning, not so much in pleasure but almost in fear. I had the fucker. And I was gonna have him more. This time, when that huge knob hit the back of my throat, I held it there, and then I pushed down with my throat, taking him in. He moaned. I hadn’t taken a deep breath, so I couldn’t hold him in my throat for more than a few seconds, but I wanted to give myself the chance to let him slide out of me really, really slow.


With the rough back of my tongue dragging on the underside of his sex meat.

And then the huge head popped from my mouth. We both gasped for breath, and then I dove onto it again. He swore. He kept saying, “Oh Brad, yes! Do it, baby! Do it!” And I did it. Inch by inch, I’d stuff it down my throat and then pull my head back just a bit so that he slid out of me slowly. He growled, “YEAH!” He told me I had a sweet mouth. He asked me if that was what I wanted, and I nodded because it was true. I was starving for that cock. I had it in my fists. I had it down my throat. The skin was tight around the shaft. I had him squirming. I grabbed his balls and pulled them and held them and then I went all the way down on him again until my nose and my lips were on his stomach. I wiggled my head back and forth to get every last inch of that massive meat down my throat, and then I started the long, slow pull out and just reveled in the sound of him panting and swearing and holding his breath and whimpering.

And still, I didn’t feel as though I had him. Like I said, the veins on his meat drove my lips crazy, and I fantasized what the pole would do to my twitching ass hole with those buttocks and thighs piledriving it into me. I wanted that too. I wanted him too. But for now I was happy to be the master cocksucker. He was loving it. I felt him place one huge paw on the back of my head and push me down, and this time I took a really deep breath, so that when I pulled out, I stopped halfway, and then plunged down again until I had him in me, and then I started another long, wet slide out. When his cock escaped, it was so strainingly erect that it slapped against his belly with a wet smack. This time, I paused to catch my breath, and while I did, I bathed his cock meat with little licks. I took the head in my mouth and soaked it with my tongue. I slurped it. I nibbled on the tip. I dug the tip of my tongue into the slit and probed, and then I swallowed him again, twisting my head from side to side to provide some more friction. He asked me if I wanted it. I moaned and nodded my head. He asked me if I wanted all of it. I nodded. He asked me if I was gonna take everything he had, and suddenly I realized what he meant. His balls began to pull in my fist. A pulse came to life between his legs. His breathing got faster. He grabbed my head in both hands, which startled me, but by that time I was halfway down on him. He pushed my head down, rammed his meat down my throat, and said, “Here it comes, baby. You’re gonna get all of it, just like you wanted.”