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My eyes opened halfway, and I saw that I was in a room that was filled with a soft golden light.  I sensed that there were candles behind me, but I was too tired to look.  I smiled slightly.  I knew that I was dreaming.  I closed my eyes again and rolled over onto my stomach.  The bed I was on was huge and round and covered in a loose satin sheet.  I swept my arms back and forth twice, feeling the silky coolness and then I fell back to sleep.

David217When I awoke (in my dream), I was on my back again.  Something big was settling up right against me.  Before I even opened my eyes, I smiled.  I knew who it was.  And so when I opened my eyes, I was already grinning.  There he was, on his side, right next to me, his chest right against my face, and those sparkling, jewel-like eyes smiling down at me.  I flung my arms around him, burying my face in his chest.  A moment later, I felt a huge arm pull me closer.

“Did you miss me?”, he asked.

“Yes!” I said.

He laughed, and I pulled away slightly to look into his eyes.  I couldn’t take the intensity of his gaze for more than a few seconds, and so I looked away, stroking his huge arm, feeling the warmth of the skin, the size of it, the girth, the mass, and the hardness.

“Of course I missed you,” I said quietly.

He leaned forward, pushing me onto my back, and gave me a long, long gentle kiss.  I felt him move his legs and shift his hips, and then felt the weight and warmth of his cock on my belly.  A thrill went through me, and I opened my eyes.  He pulled away.  I was embarrassed that the feel of his cock had startled me out of a kiss, and he knew it.  I smiled sheepishly.  He knew what I was thinking.  I nuzzled his chest with my cheek, and his big, rough hand sailed up and down my torso.  I closed my eyes.  It felt so good.  I’d waited so long.  I wanted him so badly.  My heart started pounding.  I could feel my cock readying itself.  I wasn’t getting hard, but I knew that his touch would, like magic, awaken my body and make it burn with love and lust.  With every journey downward, I held my breath, wondering if his hand would stray farther, and wrap itself around my cock.  Finally, he raised his hand and cupped my cock and balls in his big paw.  A moment later, he tickled the back of my balls.

“How much did you miss me?”, he asked.

My response was a lifting of my hips, and a moan.

“Did you miss this?”, and he wrapped his hand around my stiffening cock.

I just moaned.  “Ohhhh David!”  I gasped.  My eyes went wide.  I was going to roll onto my side to face him, but I felt him lift his leg and wrap it around mine, pinning my legs in his with a makeshift scissors hold.  He pushed himself up with his other arm so that he could bend down to my hips.  I felt him take hold of my cock firmly, holding it at the base, and then I felt his mouth slowly engulf me.  He sucked.  I breathed faster and faster.  He swirled his tongue around and around my shaft.  I jerked in ecstasy and whimpered.  And then he pulled back so slowly until I felt my wet, fully erect cock slap against my belly.

He went back to his reclining position, on his side, right against me.  Again, I tried to roll to face him, but now my left arm was trapped underneath him.  I struggled to release myself, but he made no effort to help me.  I was just about to ask him to lift his torso a bit, when he said, “Give me your hand.”  He was looking at my right hand, my free hand.  I rested on my back and raised my free arm, and he grabbed it firmly and pushed it back down until he could grasp it with his right hand.  He held it firmly by the wrist, and I realized that I was trapped.

Again, his left hand sailed up and down my torso, and came to rest on my wet cock.  He gently pulled it.  I moaned and twisted in his grasp.  And then that giant, warm hand began stroking my cock with long, slow feather-light strokes.  I whimpered.  I moaned.  Something about being trapped in his grasp, pressed right up against him, his hairy chest right against my face…it just made me shiver.  It was one thing to be accepting of his touch, but somehow, it was ten times as erotic to be powerless, writhing in a slow but mounting frenzy, with him in merciless control. I begged him to stop.  He said nothing.  I told him I wanted to touch him.  He said nothing.  I told him it wasn’t fair.  He asked why.

“Because y-you’re so big and…and strong” I stammered.  I didn’t know exactly what I meant, but his response was just as pointless, but chokingly evocative.

“Tell you what,” he began.  “If you can get away, you can tie me to the bed and make me howl for hours.”

I sobbed, and then I struggled with all my might.  “N-no fair!” I yelled, and still I struggled, and the more I struggled, the faster he stroked, until my concentration was broken by the first tinglings in my loins.  I froze.  He stopped.  And after a few moments, I began to struggle again.  And when I did, he began to stroke again until I faltered, screaming, “Oh, David!  I…I’m g-gonna cum!”  And I’d lay there, my breath caught in my chest, holding the air in my lungs, waiting to cum, waiting for him to give me that one final stroke that would make my buck and surge.  But it never came.

“You’re beautiful when you’re struggling,” he said with a sardonic smile.

And on and on it went.  He stroked.  I struggled.  I’d gasp.  He’d stop.  I’d recover.  And then it would all happen again.  In desperation, I tried to think of something to distract him.  My left arm, partly pinned beneath him, flailed helplessly.  I could only feel his giant back, but then I reached down as far as I could and felt the silky skin of his rump.  I thrust my middle finger between his crack and strained to reach, but I couldn’t touch his sensitive hole.  I turned my face into his chest.  It only made my cock more strainingly erect.  I saw his nipple inches from my mouth.  I opened my mouth, craned my neck, and stuck out my tongue.  I couldn’t reach it. It was like a smoldering fire had burst into flame between my legs, and the conflagration began to roar to life.  “OH!”  I moaned.  “I…I’m gonna cum!  Oh g-god!!!  I’m g-gonna…”  And his strokings slowed, slowing the oncoming explosion.  Again, I buried my face in his chest and sobbed.  It was like he could read my mind.  He knew when the next stroke would be the final one, the needed one, and he never gave it.  So I lay there, in his grasp, twisting and sobbing, throbbing and ready, until finally I felt him roll his torso onto me.  My face was now buried in his hairy chest.  He was leaning over me, and then I felt him hold my nipple gently between his teeth, and he began to  stroke again.  He tightened his legs around mine, and then he tickled my nipple with his tongue.

I could not move at all.  My body was a huge, hard knot.  I was at the point of no return again, but this time he made no effort to stop.  He continued stroking my aching, slippery cock, and then he lifted his torso to rest next to me and watched me dispassionately as I came and came and came.