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My eyes were closed, but it didn't matter. In my mind, I could imagine seeing him from above, on top of me, and I didn't need any imagination to hear the startled sounds he made, the gasps, the stifled moans, the trembling breaths he'd take...these were far more telling than anything I could see. To say his cock was huge would be an understatement. It wasn't that he simply had a big cock...it was that it was beyond being a cock. He had a hot, rigid, pole of flesh rearing up between his legs, and like him, it was beautifully proportioned. It's size alone conveyed sheer power, and the dizzying concept that some fantasy too impossible to ever be real, had been made into flesh.

Like him.

It was beyond the scope of any mortal man's cock, and therefore the usual rules did not follow. You couldn't wrap your fingers all the way around it. You could hold it with both hands and still have almost half of it exposed. Just the head filled my mouth. You could grasp it, and if you were very still, you could feel it throbbing. But the best part was that, although it was huge, it was surprisingly and exquisitely sensitive. I held the head of it in my mouth and placed my tongue underneath, and just the slightest movement of my tongue sent shivers through that massive body. I slowly eased it back into my throat until I could take no more, and then I moved my head up and down. He was in ecstasy. I swirled my tongue around the head. He went crazy, buckling and bending over, gasping for breath, his hands on my shoulders, ready to push me away.

David249I let the head of his cock pop wetly from my mouth, and then I set to licking every square inch of it, dragging my tongue first on underside of the head.

"Oh god! B-Bruce!"

He jerked away, but I followed, now swirling my tongue on every inch except the underside of the head. I licked all the way down the shaft, and then I rubbed my wet, open lips up and down the sides until the iron hard pole of muscle was slick and shiny and wet.

Then he couldn't take it anymore. He gently leaned over me, forcing me onto my back. He straddled me, and sank that foot long beauty between my thighs. Oh, what a feeling. It was wet, and hard, and warm. I clenched my thighs together to provide more friction and as he tilted his hips to pull back, he let out a sound that was part moan of pleasure, part gasp of surprise. After that, it was all a blur. Tree trunk thighs pressed my thighs tighter together. A huge arm wrapped itself around my head until I was cradled in the crook of his elbow. His mouth descended on mine, and the steady, slow rhythm of his hips moved his body so that his hairy chest rubbed against me. My cock was hard, erect, and trapped between his belly and mine. With the slow and steady, piston-like movement of his hips, his skin massaged my cock until I began to throb. I took my mouth from his and whimpered, "I...I'm gonna cum!"

He stopped, pushed himself up, and gently pulled his wet cock from between my thighs. We both stayed there, gasping for breath, not far from releasing our loads, and then he kissed me gently and quickly and said, "Kneel for me?"

I knelt, and he went onto his back, with his head underneath my loins, and then he began to kiss and lick. Now it was my turn to shudder. My cock was nestled perfectly between his enormous, hairy pecs. He'd lick the back of my balls, and I'd jerk, and that slight movement of my hips would push my cock a fraction of an inch, just enough to be tickled by his chest hair. I was in a delicious trap, tilting my hips back and forth to momentarily escape his tongue, which caused me to soft fuck his chest.

And there in front of me, just out of arm's reach, was that gorgeous pole of man flesh, hard as granite, with skin like warm silk. A single drop of precum glistened like honey from his piss slit. I moaned, and thrust my cock between his pecs. He knew what I was doing. He arched his back, lifting his massive chest towards me. The sight drove me mad. My hands were on him now. I swept my trembling hands back and forth across his chest.

He moaned.

I gently adored his body with my hands. I cannot tell you how satisfying it is to grab handfuls of pec meat and feel that chest flex beneath my palms.

He moaned again, and this time, his licking stopped. I could feel his hot breath on my balls.

"Oh god," he said, somewhat calmer. "You don't know what that does to me."

"What," I asked. "Rubbing your chest?"

His answer was his breathing getting faster and faster, and at the same time, a relaxation of his body. He let out a little moan, and I continued to pet his hairy chest.


I laughed. "You know, they say if you get a baby alligator and turn him on his back and rub his tummy, he'll go to sleep."

He mumbled something. It was the soft, incoherent speech of someone drifting off. Except for his frantic breathing, he was the world's biggest puppy having his tummy rubbed.

But I was holding back. I couldn't reach beyond his chest to stimulate his cock, but his nipples were well within reach, and they were big, and luscious, and begging to be touched.

I leaned forward, lifted my feet a few inches, and said, "Do me a favor. Put your hands behind your head."

"Huh?" He sounded drugged.

"Put your hands behind your head." I stroked his chest again. He moaned. I stopped. He waited for me to resume, and when I didn't, he whimpered.

"Aw....oh.....please. Please...s-stroke my chest again. Please?"

"I will," I said. "But first put your hands behind your head."

He obeyed, and then I lowered my legs onto his forearms and sat back. I could feel his hot breath again on my balls, and I took a deep breath and let my hands sail back and forth across his chest.

"Oh Bruce!" he gasped. "Oh god! Oh that feels so good!"

I did it for a long time, keeping clear of those nipples. I felt his tongue a few times probing around my balls. He struggled for breath, and finally, barely audible between gasps, I heard him say, "B-Bruce.........please.......I...I wanna suck your c-cock." But my cock was having a fine ol' time fucking the cleavage of his hairy pecs. It felt so good. Soft. Bristly. Silky.


I didn't say anything.

"Bruce?" he chuckled. "Um...you're kneeling on my forearms."

"I know," I said.

I heard the smile in his voice. "But...I can't...." He tried to extricate himself. "I can't get my arms out."

"I know," I said. Now if his life had depended on it, I've sure he could have sent me flying into the next room with one mighty shove. He tried again to pull his arms free, and then

I swept my hands across his chest again, and this time I stopped with my fingertips on his nipples.

He gasped.

I gently pinched them.

He went ballistic.

I rolled them so softly between my thumb and forefinger.

He moaned over and over again.

I never did anything harsh or rough. I stroked them with the back of my fingers. I touched the tips with the pad of my index fingers. I raked my fingernails slowly over them. I held them firmly and very gently twisted them. The gentler I was, the louder he got. My god, but he was sensitive! I knew just how many seconds of stimulation he could take before he started to become accustomed to the sensation, so I'd stop for a few seconds and just revel in the sight of that huge, hairy chest lifting itself towards me for more, at those chiseled abdominal muscles heaving with each breath, at the way he'd lift his legs and kick and then dig his heels into the mattress, frantic, driven crazy by what I was doing...and at the beautiful, massive, strainingly erect rod of muscle before me, its tip dripping with precum.