Muscle Worship, Erect



Beg me for it. I said beg me for it. Don’t stare up at me like that you little punk. Beg me for it. I don’t care if you paid me. Beg for it. Everybody begs for it. Say please. Again. Again. I won’t let you have it if you don’t say it like you mean it. Say I gotta have it. Now say I’ll go crazy if I don’t have it. No… I’m serious. Say it. Say it!

Fuck you. I’m not gonna give it to you. Fuck you. Hah. That’s better. Say it again. Again. Louder. Louder. Say please. Louder. With feeling. Like you’re gonna cry, aren’t you?… if you don’t get it. Good. Cuz you’re not gettin’ it.




Then say please. I don’t care! Say it again! With feeling! More. More.

You’re not desperate enough. You’re not gettin’ it.

Why do you HAVE to have it? Huh? Where do you want it? No, don’t show me… tell me. That all? There too? What do you want me to do?

Naw, You ain’t gettin’ it.

Shout it. No, you little fucker! Not just loud. With feeling. I’m gonna rub it all over your face and just walk away and leave you there throbbing. I am. I really am. You don’t think I will, do you? I will. That’s all you get, and I’ll walk away laughing, listening to you cry and jerking off.

What do I get out of it? Huh? Tell me. Tell me then. Show me.


Did I say you could even try and touch it? Get your fuckin’ hands down. Don’t even think it. Now lean closer and stick your tongue out. Come this close to it but don’t touch it. Show me what you’d do with that tongue and those pretty lips. That all? That’s not good enough. I’m leaving.

Then who me. More. Faster. Make some noise… I want to hear you workin’.

Naw, that ain’t good enough.

Then you tell me. You tell me why you deserve it. Everybody begs me roe it. Why are you better? You want the pecs too, don’t you? Well if you beg hard enough for the cock, maybe… MAYBE I’ll let you have it… for a minute. But you gotta beg twice as hard if you want it for more than a minute. And way more for the pecs.

Or the butt.

Or the arms.

Or my mouth.