Peril, Bondage, David in Rome, Blow Job, Fahad







Fahad stepped close and pressed his own erection against David’s. The young man’s rigid pole emanated heat. For a long time, Fahad stood there, his eyes closed, his face nuzzling the cleft between David’s pecs. He pressed against the rigid erection with his bodyweight. David pressed back. And instinctively, David began to rock his hips, rubbing his meat against Fahad’s. Fahad ran his hands along the sides of the young man’s body, sweeping his hands against the huge back muscles and then skimming his palms against the soft skin until his hands rested on the tops of the gently, rhythmically flexing buttocks. He clutched them. He squeezed them. He spread them. He stroked them. He let his fingertips sail over the satiny skin until he felt goosebumps and the young man shivered uncontrollably.

He opened his eyes and looked up. David’s eyes were closed, his mouth open, his breath rapid. Fahad took in the huge expansion of chest in front of him, and then nuzzled one cheek against the chest hair. He took his hands from the young man’s buttocks and stroked his chest.

David moaned.

Fahad touched a nipple.

David’s eyes opened, and he whimpered.

Fahad held a nipple softly between thumb and forefinger.

David held his breath.

Fahad applied pressure with a feather-light touch.

David cried out.

Fahad stroked…agonizingly slowly…with the tip of his finger.

“AAH!! Oh god!” David yelled. His knees buckled. He grabbed Fahad’s shoulders to steady himself. “Y-you mean to drive me insane, don’t you?”

“No my stallion,” said Fahad. “Only to the brink of insanity.” He held both nipples between thumb and forefinger now. With just one soft stroke, David fell to his knees, shuddering violently.

“NO!” he yelled, desperately. “I...I’m afraid.”

“Of what?” asked Fahad.

“That I’ll tell you to never stop. That I won’t be able to have enough. That I’ll be your slave, if you’ll only do that to me again. That my strength is gone. That you can reduce me to a shuddering, helpless mass, with just a touch.”

“Shall I stop?” asked Fahad.

David looked up longingly. After a long while, and with a shaky, quiet voice, he begged, “Make me lose control…again. Please.” He slowly rose.

Fahad held his nipples again and gently squeezed the tips.

“OH-h-h-h g-god!” His knees buckled again, and he rested his head on Fahad’s chest.

And Fahad stroked and petted the young man’s quivering pecs, brushing now and again against the nipples until David fell to his knees again. Fahad grabbed the huge biceps and lifted the man to his feet, and then he gently pushed on the chest until his love slave sat on the edge of the bed.
He kissed David on the forehead, just below the golden circlet, and then he kissed his lips, and then his chin, and then his Adam’s apple, and then the bottom of his neck. He covered the hairy pecs with kisses, paused, wrapped his moist lips around a nipple, and licked.

The boy screamed.

Fahad pushed him back and climbed on top of him, never taking his swirling tongue away from the sensitive tip.

David sobbed in ecstasy. He grabbed Fahad’s shoulders as if to push him away, but he made no effort to do so. He shuddered. He moaned. He cried.

Fahad could taste the flavored oil that had been rubbed into the young man’s chest. He moaned as though tasting something delicious, and then he sucked gently.

David cried out, arching his back, offering up his chest even more to the exquisite, slippery movement that was driving him insane.

Fahad held the nipple gently between his teeth, and then he nibbled.

David gasped and his body jolted, and he pushed Fahad away. He sat up, desperate for breath.

Fahad whispered, “You don’t really want me to stop, do you?”

David could not respond. His mind reeled. His nipples burned. His cock twitched. His puckering hole tingled, and hungered. His balls ached to be touched. His skin crawled.

“You only need to rest,” said Fahad. “Lie back, my stallion. Lie back.”

Hesitantly, David pushed himself back until his massive body rested completely on the bed. He closed his eyes as he tried to regain his breath. The silky sheet was cool, but it warmed quickly at his touch, and he found himself moving his arms slowly to pursue the coolness. He raised his arms above his head, tilted his head back, and then he stretched, like a cat waking from a long nap.

Fahad had never seen anything so beautiful in his entire life. He knelt between the boy’s legs and watched him regain his composure. Every part of the muscular body called, begging to be stroked, and touched, and aroused. But like a siren, the huge, swollen erection that reared up before him commanded his attention. Again, a drop of pre-cum sparkled on the tip of the young man’s pole. Slowly, Fahad grasped the base of the hard staff with his left hand, grabbed the middle with his right hand, and held it still. He could feel it throbbing. He could feel the tightness in the skin. He could feel the heat. He could feel the veins pulsing.

Slowly, he bent forward, and this time, he scraped the sweet liquid drop from the tip with his teeth.

David whimpered.

Fahad licked the piss slit with the tip of his tongue.

David stiffened.

Fahad drove the tip of his tongue into the slit, and wiggled it.

David cried out, and jerked his hips away.

But Fahad held onto the boy’s sex meat and covered the head with his lips. He held the head in his mouth, warming it with his saliva. He made no movement, and once David realized that his cock was simply being kept warm and wet, he relaxed.

And then with the tip of his tongue, Fahad tickled the underside of the head.

David screamed and reared up, grabbing Fahad’s wrists and staring into his eyes in desperation.

Fahad grasped the huge cock more loosely, waited a moment, and then he moved both hands up and down in one long, long, long, wet stroke.

“No. No! NO!”

“You’re so beautiful when you’re being tormented.”

“OH g-g-g-gOD!”

“Just to the brink, my love. Just to the brink.”

“N-n-NO!! I-I n-need…to rest! Oh please!”

“Alright,” said Fahad. “Lie back. Lie back.”

Hesitantly, he relaxed his grip on Fahad’s wrists, and let himself fall back, panting for breath. He still felt vulnerable, terribly out of control with Fahad grasping his meat. He closed his eyes. His breathing slowed.

Fahad lifted the huge nuts with one hand, weighing them, contemplating the delicious load of fluid straining to escape. His fingertips stroked the back of the scrotum, and the young man whimpered and dug his heels into the bed and lifted his hips. Fahad licked the staff, wetting it thoroughly, and then he pressed his full lips against it, and slid his mouth up and down the underside until the man sobbed and tried to pull away. He paused, and when the boy dropped his hips, he slid his lips all the way up to the crown and then all the way down to the base, again, and again, and again.

“No Fahad!” David cried. “I-I-I’m going to…you’re going to make me—”

“No, no, no my stallion,” said Fahad. “Not for a long time.”

“Don’t tease me,” he begged.

“I swear to you, you will explode. I will not deny you. You have my word. When you think you can stand it no longer, think on that. Remember my promise.”

“I will lose my mind!”

“No, my love. And if you do, it will only be for a few moments. Lie back. Let me coax another drop of sweet nectar from you.”

David sobbed.

And then Fahad pulled the hot, stiff rod towards him and let the tip of his tongue dance around the edge of the crown. He dragged his tongue along the underside, from base to tip. He found the exact point that drove the boy into a frenzy, right beneath the head of the cock at the top of the staff, and he pressed his wet lips against it and suckled. He took the whole head in his mouth and swirled his tongue around and around and around, grasping the staff gently as the boy thrashed and screamed in ecstasy. Once the head of the cock was dripping wet, the delicate flavor of the oil presented itself, and Fahad sucked and licked and tasted, licking his lips in satisfaction and pleasure, and then taking the head into his mouth again and sucking hard, to extract the sweetness of the man’s pre-cum and the fruit and tingle of the oils.

But the most delicious thing was not the taste of the throbbing cock in his hands, but the fact that the titanic thighs on each side of him were trembling and kicking uncontrollably, and the huge arms in front of him were rigid, and the strong hands were white-knuckled, clutching fistfuls of silken sheets, while the young god sobbed and cried in frantic ecstasy.